Jonathan's Landing Bridge Club

Each Class will begin with a 25–30 minute lecture on the material for the day, followed by a Q & A period with the remainder of the time playing hands.  Notes will be provided for participants.

Advanced Beginner to
Intermediate Lessons
with J.R. Sanford

2023 Winter schedule 

Mondays - 9:30am - 11:00am

No Partner is Needed

January 9 Establishing a suit(s) in a Trump and Notrump Contracts

January 16 Ruffing Losers in the Short Trump Hand & Extra Tricks
in a Side Suit

January 23 Finessing - Playing Card Combinations

February 6 Takeout Double verses Overcall

February 13 Competitive Bidding

February 20 Bidding 2-Suited & 3-Suited Hands

February 27 Slam Bidding

March 13 Opening Leads

March 20 Defensive Signals

March 27 2nd Seat Play verses 3rd Seat Play